Overunity Generator Review

Discover How To Build Your Own Free Energy Generator
By Leveraging The Shockingly Simple Universal Principle of Magnetic Energy

It is time that we finally break free from the power companies and begin utilizing home based electric generating systems. It does not require expensive parts or cost an extraordinary amount to get started, but it does require an earth friendly individual who refuses to pay gargantuan costs  for electricity the rest of their lives.

Now we have a choice. Not only will you help save the planet, but also have the luxury of powering  major appliances within your home and start minimizing your power bill — eventually eliminating your power bill altogether.

It is a scientific fact that magnetic energy is produced when the opposite poles attract and repel from each other. Given this law of polarity, perpetual motion can be created and transformed into electricity by optimizing the motion so it requires less energy than it produces, essentially generating free energy.

There is currently several alternative energy sources on the market such as solar power and windmills, but unless you have $1,000s to invest, it is not a viable solution for common individuals who want to  reap the same benefits of green energy alternatives.

Overunity Generators have other benefits such as:

  • The system is compact and easy to create
  • Materials are cheap and cost effective
  • No experience or special training needed
  • Recoup your entire investment in under 2 months

Welcome to the 21st century. This system produces more energy than it takes to run the generator, thus creating free energy. It is easy to build and majority of the materials needed for construction can be found at your local hardware store.

Currently a few companies working with the government are leveraging this revolutionary technology but suspiciously will not release it to the general public.

But with the rapid spread of information over the internet, it is no longer possible to hide the fact that free energy is possible using an overunity generator. For those interested in creating their very own free energy generator, the DIY manuals are now available online.

In the past weeks, I have reviewed over 12 different guides that I was pleasantly surprised with the results – the technology evidently does work!

I judged the results based on the following:

  • Energy Savings
  • Affordable Installation Cost
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
Rating 9.8/10
Ease of Use: 
Power Savings: 
Customer Support:
Environment Benefits:
overunity generator in a box

By far the easiest-to-follow kit I came across – my own experience says you should set aside maybe half a day to buy the parts and get it fully installed.

Regular Price $197

Now on Sale For Limited Time Only $49

This is the only kit that assumes absolutely no knowledge about power engineering. Impressively, my support ticket was responded to in under an hour (although it could take a little longer at weekends), and there is an unconditional 8 week money-back guarantee.

Best of all, the technology required is readily available and cheap – I was able to access all the parts needed for well under $100, built and test the generator within half a day. Given that its proven to decrease the power bill by as much as 90%, in some cases even completely, you could well recoup your investment in under two weeks.

The installation can be done at any kind of house or building. Magniwork is aimed squarely at electricity “novices”, and it is still my top pick for 2009-2010.

August 20010 Update : there is now a promotion running on the site, and it is temporarily available for $49 instead of $197 – as such, I recommend ordering sooner rather than later.

The Verdict: Fast and easy setup; works for complete novices; proven power savings of up to 90% – my top pick

Risk free: Magniwork offers a 60 day money back guarantee

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overunity generator risk free

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