Overunity Generator Revealed

by admin on June 13, 2010

Bob Cullens here,

Majority of people are skeptical when they hear about an overunity generator – that skepticism is valid. There’s been a lot of misconceptions of generating free energy using an overunity generator.

How can you possible create a device that produces free energy? Wouldn’t everyone kick the power company to the curb and just make their own free energy device?

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You can make a free energy generator right now, but do you got about $30,000 to buy solar panels or a windmill? Hope it’s constantly sunny where you live or you got a nice hilltop for that windmill.

Those are not viable solutions for a regular do it yourself type energy enthusiast who just wants to save some money off his or her monthly power bill. The fact of the matter is that power companies do not want to lose their chokehold on the energy market. For example, oil companies have not helped fund any type of research into developing a solar-powered car. Why would they right? It’s not a conspiracy – it’s just a part of their business.

It’s the year twenty ten (2010) and you can finally break free from the power companies. Innovation is flowing at such a rapid rate –powerful free energy information that was once hidden is now being released via the internet.

Generating power on a much smaller scale such as an overunity generator that can power regular devices within your home is possible by creating a mini version of existing technologies.

What is the science behind such a device?

By creating an electrical machine that, once started, will operate entirely on its own output.

It is possible to produce electricity for your home and you can have it up and running sooner than you think.

  • Barely need to invest anytime
  • Don’t need expensive parts
  • Does not cost extraordinary amount of money to build
  • It’s green technology – helping the planet

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Overunity Generator – Truth Exposed

by admin on May 31, 2010

overunity generator diagramOverunity Generator is the only mechanical device that can produce more energy than it consumes. But what are the fundamental natural laws that allow this to happen?

This question has been debated for decades by top scientists through out the world. The law of conservation of energy states that energy “cannot be created or destroyed.” But the ability to generate spontaneous free energy is still possible by developing a mechanical device that cools down heat very rapidly, thus creating free energy.

The rhetoric of producing free energy has always been that it is strictly a theory that cannot ever sustain itself in the practical world of natural laws. Once I started actually doing high level research into this topic, I soon learned that free energy technologies such as overunity generator have been around for decades but for some suspicious reason they were never released to the public.

If someone actually took the time to dig a bit deeper about the implications of the above statement, the less far fetched it seems. In an industry of oil tycoons and big government, keeping the secret of free energy away from ordinary common sense individuals, ensures that the “big guys” will keep making money off these finite resources.

The truth about producing free energy devices such as an overunity generator cannot be kept away from us any longer!

The most powerful communication platform, also known as the internet has finally unearthed the long held belief that producing free energy is possible — through a fully functional overunity generator. Remarkably, any regular person can build an overunity generator. The production costs of this device are very minimal because the core principles behind it do not involve complicated mechanisms (see above photo) — just like nature, it’s simple applicable laws that need to be leveraged in a certain order.

Join the league of top scientists and regular do it yourself type individuals who are on the momentous path of discovering how to build their own overunity generator. Kick the power companies to the curb and make the “big boys” wish they never got us started!

Get our “Free Energy Report – 5 Practical Steps Towards Your First Free Energy Generator” and get your first glimpse of freedom from finite energy sources!

Talk with you soon,

Bob Cullen

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Overunity Generator Materials

by admin on June 1, 2010

Building your own overunity generator requires inexpensive materials that can be found at your local hardware store. The construction time to build the overunity generator is very minimal — less than two days, after tweaking the system to function properly based on your needs and power output. The video below gives a brief sample of what to expect material wise. It provides a quick overview of the materials needed to build the free energy generator. After viewing the video be sure to follow the instructions and obtain the free energy report that is mentioned at the end of the video. We are unsure how long we will be giving out the report so grab your free copy today!

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